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CSA March Newsletter

Hello CSA Members,

Spring is supposed to be upon us, and our calendar shows it. Many activities are going

on or starting soon.

Spring trap league starts April 11 th . It is a 6-week league for 2-person teams. You can

sign up any time up until the start date. As always, it’s a 50 bird shoot with the 2 nd round

being handicap yardage.

We had two Quad County Chain Shoots on this year. The first was back on November

5 th . The second was on February 18 th . We missed one scheduled for January 14 th due to

really cold weather. Not only are these shoots a lot of fun, but it raises money for the

club and gives us a chance to network with other Trap clubs in our area. We will be

signing up again next fall for more dates next winter. See their website for details and

join us for some fun shooting!

As I mentioned last year, we now have voice activation on all 3 trap machines. We have

spent some time and energy on the trap houses, sealing the roofs and adding new

paint. My hopes for trap at CSA are to keep adding new shooters weekly, and nice that

our systems are up to the task. We plan on replacing the trap range South fence with a

nice split-rail design, and will be looking into upgrading the night lights in the near future.

This spring the concrete ribbons on trap range #1 will be replaced with a concrete pad,

and hopefully adding some sidewalks to the trap fields. We are still looking for members

to buy advertising on some of the pads to help offset the cost. Think about it if this

would apply to you. We also plan to install a new ballistic wall at the far East end of the

trap field. This should allow us to keep the lower ranges open during trap events. More

to come on this and other projects.

During the fall trap league, we had a few club members who needed work hours come

in and score for us. This was a huge help to me as coordinating league can be a

handful. Keep this in mind as we have our spring league coming up in April.

As you may have heard in the past, clubs like ours can’t operate on just members’

volunteer hours. There have to be people willing to put in more, sometimes a lot more.

We are always looking for folks to step in and help, especially if it’s a sport you enjoy or

want to learn more about.

Remember, we shoot Trap every Thursday evening from 6-9 pm. If weather or

holidays interfere, we will announce closings on the website events calendar as soon as

we decide.

We welcome new shooters interested in trying trap and will happily work with you

however you need. We do have shells for sale in the clubhouse and have guns to

borrow if you are interested in trying it out.


Jeff Kahn, CSA Trap Director

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