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Freedom Benchrest


Accuracy & Precision from a Seated Position


600 Yard Long Range Benchrest

Columbus Sportsmans Club Wisconsin State Bench rest Championship

2024 DATES:

May 4-5, 2024

June 1-2, 2024

**no matches in July 2024**

August 3-4, 2024

FBR scoring will be small group, high score, and overall combined winners for each class, and Two Gun FBR Classes shall include Light Gun, Heavy Gun, and Tactical (note: no Factory Gun under FBR).


Custom shop rifles; Cooper, 40X, and similar rifles may compete in Light and Heavy Gun.

Competitors will compete for the Wisconsin State Benchrest in addition to BR points


Scoring for the Wisc State Championship will be divided into two groups 

Group A shall include anyone shooting 2 or more targets of 3” or less

Group B will include competitors shooting targets greater than 3″


Once a competitor has achieved two or more targets of less than 3” they shall move to class “A”.

One point shall be awarded for participation in Light Gun, Heavy Gun, Factory and Tactical classes.

One point shall be awarded for Small Group (single target), High Score (single target), Overall score, Overall Group and combined light and Heavy gun

The Wisconsin State Championship will be awarded at the last match of the year. Entry fees shall be $30 for one gun, and $10 for each additional gun for CSA members, Non-member fees shall be $40 for one gun and $10 for each additional gun.

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