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CSA is a membership organization, which has no paid positions; therefore, all members are asked to contribute time toward work and volunteer tasks.

Memberships run from Jan 1 through Dec 31. Each year every member is asked to provide at least 12 hours of work.

In lieu of the work commitment hours, there is a work fulfillment fee of $125.

The fee for the work commitment is due at time of renewal, unless the member provided the required hours of work, which allows him or her to receive the $125 fulfillment credit to be applied to the renewal year’s work commitment fee. 

If you have any questions regarding volunteerism or the work requirements, Please contact our Volunteerism Director, Dean via email

New members will need to pay the work commitment fee. 

Members may be excused from their work fulfillment for the following:

  • Active military duty

  • Special circumstances - requires Board Approval


Jan 1 of each year, a work fulfillment card will be issued along with your annual membership renewal. This card will be your record of work performed. At the time of membership renewal, you will also need to surrender your work fulfillment card from the previous year to get the work fulfillment credit discount towards work fees for the renewal year.​


Getting credit for complete work requires the signature of a Board Member or activity coordinator. The responsibility for work completion and work acknowledgement is YOUR responsibility as a member. Your completed card is worth $125 towards your work commitment for the next year so don’t lose it!

If you have any questions regarding volunteerism or the work requirements, Please contact our Volunteerism Director, Dean via email

    Three people are needed for the Spring Trap league on Thursday nights for 7 weeks beginning April 11 and ending May 23. See the new CSA website for more information. Contact Jeff Kahn
    Freedom Benchrest will be holding their matches on consecutive Saturdays and Sundays. 3 weekends over 3 different months. 6 matches in total. This presents a different challenge for filling the necessary positions to run the matches, particularly on Sundays. We are looking at having 5 people to work at each match. You get large chunks of your work fulfilment credited when you work these. The schedule is as follows: May 4 and 5 June 1 and 2 July No Matches August 3 and 4 Contact Jeff Noonan
    There are 6 matches remaining this season. We host these matches, meaning the RO’s, spotters and scorers are provided by the group organizing the match, however we set up the course of fire and remove it and restore the range for club use upon completion of each match. This is where we need your help. We need 3 members to help set up each match on the Friday before a match and 3 to help take it down and restore the range for our use upon completion of each match. Set up normally begins at 1pm on Fridays and takedown starts when the match concludes, about 2:30 or later depending on the number of shooters. The remaining match schedule is: May 18, May 17 set up. June 15, June 14 set up. July 13, July 12 set up. August 17, August 16 set up September 14, September 13 set up. Contact Brian Cisar
    We are looking for someone to put decorative, low maintenance plants underneath the Sign on the club grounds near the fence on the Breyer Road frontage. There are also a pair of solar lights on the post for illuminating the sign that needs attention. Contact Club Secretary Beth Schabert
    Club President Larry Haseman emailed all of you recently regarding this large project. Nine members have responded and expressed their willingness to help with the fencing and tree removal. Additional help would be appreciated and necessary as this project progresses. Get in touch with Larry and let him know how you will be able to contribute. 920-344-0656
    We need a retaining wall to prevent rain and dirt washing into our septic tank. Stackable masonry block? Wooden timbers? Will a tank riser work? We aren’t sure. We’d love to have someone who is sure to complete this project. Contact Larry 920-344-0656
    The existing line runs along the South side of the clubhouse. The drain line is broken is several places and doesn’t have a continuous decline. It needs to be replaced. Contact Larry 920-344-0656
    We need two safety walls constructed. They need to be two sided and filled with material that will prevent a bullet from passing completely through. The favored material right now is pea gravel. It will drain well and stop errant projectiles. One at or near the SE corner of trap number 3. Contact Jeff Kahn One at or near the SE corner of the Pistol Range. Contact Dewey Kuenzi
    We plan on replacing the old concrete ribbons at Trap 3 with a solid pad. Jeff has received bids, and this project will commence when conditions and schedules permit. There will be work opportunities pre and post pour. Sponsorship opportunities are available. This is a great opportunity to get your name etched in concrete and show your support for the founding sport of this club. Contact Jeff Kahn
    We want to install Split Rail fencing on the South and West side of the Trap Field. We expect to be able to do this after the new concrete ribbon is poured at Trap 3. Contact Jeff Kahn
    There are 10 Benchrest targets at the 600 yd berm that are rapidly approaching their expiration date. We would like to replace them and their bases soon. We have a prototype replacement in mind that would make them removable for different events and berm maintenance. The new Freedom Benchrest season starts May 4 and 5 . We would like to have at least some of the new stands in place for the first two matches and the remainder in for the June 1st and 2nd matches. Contact Jeff Noonan
    1) Extend Safety Railing on West side of Long-Range Pavilion. 2) Spread grass seed on Long Range berms. Contact Brian Cisar

Contact CSA

Contact us for a current list of jobs available to fulfill your volunteer work hours. 

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