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Meet the Board Leadership

Meet the Board: Meet the Team

Larry Haseman


Larry brings over 15 years of experience to the role as President. You'll find him on the Trap Range nearly every Thursday, happily greeting new and existing members.


DuWayne "Dewey" Kuenzi

Vice President

I run the Pistol Range & Lower Rifle Range, and have for over 10 years. I enjoy shooting  and chatting it up with fellow members and friends, if you see me around, say howdy. I look forward to seeing you at the lower ranges!


Gray Giesfeldt


I have the pleasure of running the long range program for the last 4 years.  I enjoy talking and helping new shooters develop reloading and shooting skills.  My team and I are looking forward to helping you take your long range shooting to the next level.


Beth Schabert

Secretary | Membership Coordinator

I enjoy working with with all our members and welcoming new shooters to our club.  I have been Membership Coordinator since 2019 and have enjoyed learning our members' interests in the shooting sports. It’s fun to see people excited about what CSA has to offer.

Meet the Directors

The Faces of Our Organization

Contact any Director to learn more about their area of expertise


Gray Giesfeldt

Long Range Director

I have the pleasure of running the long range program for the last 4 years.  I enjoy helping new shooters develop reloading and shooting skills.  I look forward to helping you take your long range shooting to the next level.  Contact me at 608-335-5833 or my email below.

Brian Cisar

Precision Rifle Director

I founded the Precision Rifle program in 2019, and became a Board Member in 2020. 

Precision Rifle at CSA is growing! Stay tuned on the Upcoming Events page for the latest club matches.


Ed Stehling

Facilities Director

I oversee building maintenance and improvements. I am also a certified Range Safety Officer and I volunteer at several matches throughout the year to help ensure that safety is our main priority!

I enjoy shooting at all of the ranges, meeting the new members and helping them get acquainted with the club. I look forward to meeting you and helping you out with any firearm questions or needs!  You can contact me at 920-296-3260 or my email below.

Jack Sanderson

Grounds Maintenance Director


Jeff Kahn

Trap Director

I've begun facilitating the Trap program this year.  I enjoy all shooting sports and grew up trap shooting.
I look forward to you joining us Thursday evenings. You can contact me at (920) 517-2985 or my email below.

Bob Weirough

Archery Director

Meet the Board: Meet the Team
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