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Summer Class Option for CSA Members

Planning an outdoor activity? Walking, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping or just away from home and outdoors for the day.


Plan for Basic First Aid, join other C S A members for a basic first aid presentation. Learn what to do if someone gets too much sun, gets dizzy and lightheaded, has lost too much body heat. Learn about hydration, what to do when you twist your ankle, what to do for cuts, burns, and puncture wounds.


Also covered will be removing fishing hooks from yourself or someone else, watching for poisonous plants while hiking a trail or along the water’s edge when boating.


Get advice on kits you can make to keep in your gear bag.


Where: CSA Clubhouse

When: June 29, 2024

What time: 9:00AM

No Fees


Our presenters will be Chris DeLapp, Manager of Community and Staff Education, Prairie Ridge Health.

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