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2024 Benchrest Announcement

Announcing the upcoming 600 Yard Long Range Benchrest season at Columbus Sportsman's Association along with some significant changes for 2024. We're excited about what's ahead and hope you will be too.

Along with a number of other ranges, including several in the Midwest, we will be shooting under Freedom Benchrest rather than International Benchrest Shooters (IBS). The Freedom rules are simpler with the goal of making the matches more enjoyable for the shooters.

A couple of match format changes that immediately jump out for Freedom compared to IBS:

  • Every Sighter/Record period is 10 minutes and sighters may be taken at any time including after you have started record shots

  • Light Gun, Heavy Gun, and Tactical Gun are included, but no Factory Gun

man shooting a rifle for freedom Benchrest competition

We encourage you to check out the Freedom website for more about the purpose of the organization, the participating ranges, and the full rule book. Please consider joining Freedom Benchrest per the simple instructions on the website. Membership is free since the organization is funded through sponsorships.

The other big change is that we will be aligning with the other Midwest ranges  to hold three, two day (Saturday+Sunday) match weekends for 6 matches total. We hope to draw more shooters to our Columbus matches from among shooters who would otherwise not travel a long distance for a one day match. Here are the match dates:

  • May 4,5

  • June 1,2

  • *** no matches in July ***

  • August 3,4 (designated double point matches as allowed in the Freedom rules)

All the matches appear in both in the Columbus Sportsmans and Freedom Benchrest calendars.

Looking forward to you joining us at Columbus Sportsman's Association for a competitive and fun 600 Yard Long Range Benchrest season. You do not need to be a club member or Freedom Benchrest member to participate.

Any questions please contact Jeff Noonan at

Columbus Sportsmans Association Columbus  WI

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