Columbus Sportsman’s Association is ready to allow guests to shoot with a CSA member on the Short Range and Pistol Range.

The standard range rules continue to apply and with social distancing and common sense CSA members will be allowed to bring guests and enjoy a morning or afternoon on the range.

Reviewing the rules as they apply to non-members:


  1. The First Thing to do before using the range is to sign in. This is before carrying in any guns and placing any targets. All members are required to sign-in. Listing name, date, time and caliber of firearms used.
  2. Membership cards must be visible.
  3. Ear and eye protection must be worn by ALL individuals in the pavilion.
  4. Each guest is required to sign in at the same time as the CSA member, and fill out a guest envelope with their $5.00. This includes date & time.
  5. If a CSA member has a Family Membership he/she is allowed to bring his/her spouse, and any of their children, nieces, nephews, and/or grandchildren without paying any extra fees as long as they are under the age of 18. Any guest over the age of 18 must pay the $5.00 guest fees.
  6. While at the range, the CSA member is allowed use of one bench and must oversee the range operations of his/her guest (the CSA member is responsible for their guest’s actions). If and only if you have the range all to yourself you may use more than one bench, however the CSA member still must be observing the guests. If other Members arrive at the range the one bench rule applies.
  7. As with any shooters using the ranges, cleaning up spent brass and retrieving used targets is required.
  8. When leaving please remember to sign out.

Have fun and be safe. Shooting is an enjoyable sport for men and women and all ages.


Thank you,

Larry Haseman