The CSA Board has agreed to open the ranges to near normal operations starting Thursday May 21.

Social Distancing “should” be adhered to, example 2 people using pistol range at a time, 8 people using the Short Range at a time (no additional people should be in the pavilion). Long range will be overseen by the RSO that is present.

Guests are allowed at EVENTS and LEAGUES ONLY– At this time we are opening the ranges to Members ONLY, with Guests allowed at EVENTS and LEAGUES, Guest Rules apply (See Rules). Guests are not allowed on any range at any other time.

All members must have their membership card VISIBLE while using any of the ranges. (This rule change was put into place at the start of the year and is not related to Covid19).

The club house will OPEN for group activities.

The Board will be reviewing the schedule of events and leagues, working with the organizers/directors of the league/events, structuring a plan where social distancing and sanitation can be maintained. The goal is to reach total normal operations, we’re just not there yet.

Be safe, keep healthy and have fun using the ranges. We are taking new memberships, if you know anyone interested.