Columbus Sportsman’s Association

Notice to ALL CSA members


The Board of Directors is calling a Special Members Meeting for Oct 10 2020 at 3:00pm for the purpose of updating the CSA By-Laws.

The Board of Directors have been reviewing the current By-Laws used by Columbus Sportsman’s Association and are proposing the attached rewrite to the current document.

–> Proposed By-Laws <–  LINK

The main changes are:
Moving the annual meeting to the month of September.

The reason behind this change is that the Board would like to make the Annual Meeting more of a meeting which includes the family, with a big potluck cookout. Also offering some fun activities. A FUN day for all. Another factor is we will not have to move snow for the meeting in September. NOTE: this does not move the fiscal year dating for CSA. Membership fees will still run from Jan 1 through Dec 31 each year.

  1. Another change pertains to the term of the officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasure). The By-Laws as they are written today require all 4 officer’s positions be on the ballot each year.

The proposed change would change the officer’s positions to 2 year term. Only two of the position would be voted on each year (President, Secretary and the following year Vice-President and Treasure). As CSA continues to grow and increase the shooting activities, this change will help maintain a balanced leadership team. 

Thank You for being a member of CSA

Larry Haseman, President

Columbus Sportsman’s Association, Inc

If further explanation is needed, please feel free to call me or any Board Member.