Columbus Sportsman’s Association

Range Rules and Regulations



The following Range Rules and Regulations were established to insure safety and discipline for members and guests on CSA Ranges and CSA Property as well as safety for our neighbors and the surrounding community, and to ensure that CSA continues to be an asset to the community. Everyone MUST adhere to the following rules.


Per the by-laws of the Columbus Sportsman’s Association (CSA), all members will be required to go through an orientation meeting at which time the rifle, pistol, archery, and trap ranges rules will be explained. The Orientation meeting will be scheduled as needed by the Board of Directors & Officers. This is an effort to make our ranges as safe as possible. The most important duty of anyone using CSA ranges is safety. The next important duty is protecting the property and interests of CSA. All members are expected to politely point out to any shooter a violation of the rules, the nature of the violation, request that they stop, and if continued violations occur, report the incident along with the violator’s name and vehicle license number to a CSA Board member who will report the incident to the Board of Directors for further action if appropriate. Failure to report safety violations or accidents to a Board Member or Officer is a violation of the range rules.

  1. All members must complete the orientation and pay their membership fee. Members must read, understand and become familiar with the range rules PRIOR to using that range, complete and sign the last page of the CSA Range Rules and Regulations and submit the signed page for approval by the Board of Directors at a monthly meeting before a key is received.
  1. After reading and comprehending the range rules, the individual seeking membership will sign and submit the last page for CSA’s records and retain page 1 through 6 for his/her records. It is the member’s responsibility to keep abreast of any range rule updates and or changes. The CSA Board member performing the orientation must also sign and date document. Any questions about the range rules must be resolved at this time.
  1. All rules and regulations are subject to change at the discretion of the Officers and Board of Directors. All members will be notified of any changes as soon as possible by email and posted at the affected CSA range. The updated information will also be posted on CSA’s website
  1. Any refusal to comply with CSA rules should be reported to a Board Member or Officer ASAP with as many details as possible (i.e. date time, names, etc.).
  1. Any member (or their guests) who violate the rules set forth by the Board of Directors will be placed under immediate temporary suspension and must surrender their key until the case is reviewed and a determination is made by the Board. The infraction will be reviewed at the next board meeting. The member will be allowed to present his/her case to the Board of Directors and Officers at this meeting.


  2. Ear and eye protection must be worn by all individuals on or behind the line of fire.
  1. Range shooting hours are daily from 8:00 am to sunset Sunday through Saturday, unless CSA is hosting an event on a given range and/or a range closed sign is posted. Most range closure will be posted on CSA’s website. If “Range Closed” signs are posted the range is closed – NO Exceptions. These signs will be posted and removed by authorized personnel only. Scheduled event usage shall take precedence over individual activities.
  1. Inspect the range before using. Make sure there are no persons, animals or hazards down range.
  1. A MANDATORY sign in sheet is at every range. ALL shooters, including guests must sign in PRIOR to using the range, this includes caliber or gun(s), your vehicles license plate number, date and time starting and finishing also fees paid. Guests must also sign in and pay the required guest fee. Range and Guest fees will be posted at each range. The member is responsible for the actions of their guest. Only one guest per member may actively shoot at a time. Member holding a Family membership does not have to pay any guest fees for his spouse, or minor children, however the member must accompany his family.

Match registration will be recognized as completing the sign in requirements.

  1. NO ALCOHOL and/or DRUG consumption on any of the ranges this includes prior to shooting.

All CSA’s buildings are smoke free – this includes the Long Range Pavillion

  1. All local ordinances including state and federal laws concerning the possession, use and handling of firearms must be strictly obeyed. It is the shooter’s responsibility to know these ordinances and laws.
  1. All CSA ranges with a shooting pavilion have a red fire line and an orange ready line marked on the floor. The area between the two lines is for shooters, RSOs, and instructors. Those watching or waiting to shoot must remain behind the ready line. Ranges without a pavilion the fire line will be designated by the RSO.
  1. ALL guns must have the action open when coming to the shooting line and when not in use behind the line of fire and ready line, including casing and uncasing the firearm. NO firearm may have ammunition, or a magazine placed into the firearm behind the ready line marked on the floor. Empty chamber indicators (ECI) must be used on all uncased firearms or the bolts must be removed. When the (RED lights are on) the range is cold NO Handling of any firearms, same applies if a cease fire is called. If an event requires a modification of CSA range rules, the Board of Directors may approve the event’s rules providing the event printed rules are presented to the Board one month prior to the event for approval.
  1. CSA endorses legal open and concealed carry of pistols; however pistols must remain in holster prior to coming to the firing line and may be asked to unload them during an event.
  1. All shooters are responsible for knowing how to work their firearm(s) safely. They must be able to operate the safety, clear their firearm, open the action, and remove the magazine or ammunition.
  1. Any firearm requiring maintenance shall be removed from the firing line, ONLY after it has been cleared of all ammunition.
  1. In the event of a misfire, you must wait 30 seconds before removing the cartage from the firearm (except black powder then wait 2 mins). You may attempt to fire that round two more times, if the round fails to discharge and after waiting the required amount of time, you are to place the round in the barrel marked misfires.
  1. Keep fingers off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  1. Keep the muzzle pointed down range at a backstop when loading, shooting and unloading.
  1. NO snap caps or dummy rounds are permitted in the clubhouse or patio area unless used for training purposes.
  1. If you are unsure of a shooters eligibility to use any of the ranges, ask to see their membership card. All members must have a current membership card available when on CSA grounds.
  1. CSA ranges may not be used for any commercial purpose unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  1. Hunting on CSA property is prohibited unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  1. CSA ranges do not support the use of any .50cal firearms.
  1. NO Fully automatic firearms allowed on CSA ranges.
  1. Your firearm must be under your complete control. No strings of uncontrolled or rapid fire without accurate aiming at a target. A maximum of ten rounds may be fired as a string at one time. Board approved events may allow for some variation.
  1. All shots must be aimed and hit into the approved target area.
  1. Prior to leaving the firing line, a shooter must unload and make sure their firearm(s) is/are safe.
  1. If a shooter is handling a firearm in an unsafe manner he will be asked to correct his actions or leave the grounds.
  1. CSA requires the main gate to be locked. When entering the grounds and leaving the ground lock the gate behind you. During events that may be open to the public the gate may remain open.
  1. Clean the firing line area and down range that was utilized. Clean up all brass. Make sure all dud ammunition is placed in the proper barrel.
  1. Pets must be under the control of their owners at all times. Please clean up after them.
  1. CSA is not responsible for any member’s or non-member’s personal property which may be lost, damaged or stolen.


Rules Unique to Specific Ranges

  1. Archery Range:

  2. Arrows may not be nocked if someone is down range.
  1. NO use of broad heads on the 3-D range or the practice target butts.
  1. Ear and eye protection is suggested.


  1. Trap Range:

  2. All gun actions must remain open until it is your turn to shoot. NO loading of more than one shell, except while shooting doubles.
  1. Hand and portable throwers are permitted as long as targets and shot fall in normal trap field.
  1. All shooting must be behind the trap houses and targets must landing in normal trap field.
  1. Patterning of bird/turkey loads allowed with member supplied targets and target holders.


  1. Pistol Range

  2. CSA does support open and concealed carry of firearms, however during pistol shooting events we may ask for them to be unloaded. When handling any firearm (including concealed carry) the firearm must be pointed down range anytime it is removed from the holster. Sweeping anyone or anything with a firearm is a serious violation of the range rules.
  1. Targets must be placed at proper height to insure bullet impacts are in the berm. No bullet impacts are allowed on the steel center pole protector or the support poles, any impact to the center support pole will result in fines.
  1. Put any target stands and tables used away when you are finished shooting. Close and latch all doors. Clean up your brass after shooting. If you damaged target sticks either replace them or put a $2.00 donation into the donation box for their replacement.
  1. Shot shells are not permitted on this range.


  1. Short Range (Lower Range)

  2. NO-cross firing allowed. Two benches are available for each shooting backstop. Beaches are marked.
  1. If the benches for the distance you want to shoot are full, please shoot at another distance or wait your turn. Remember, if it gets really busy don’t be selfish; ask if someone else wants to shoot at that distance and apply common sense!
  1. DO not fire below the target netting or above the ribbon mark in the netting, DO NOT FIRE AT ANY SUPPORTS. Do Not allow impacts into ANY area other than the prescribed netting.
  1. To pattern a shotgun use the trap range. NO shot shells are to be used on this range.


  1. Action Range (North Range)

  2. Action Range can only be used for scheduled shoots and must work in conjunction with the Long Range activities. Long Range and Action Range can NOT have ANY shooters in the same time frame.
  1. All Action shooting events will have an RSO present.
  1. There are NO open shoot times for this range.
  1. All shooting events must have approval of the Board of Directors.


  1. Long Range (Upper Range)

  2. The long range (CSA 350-600 Yard Range) is a restricted use facility. All activities are subject to normal CSA shooting hours.  Qualifications for using the range and requirements for RSO supervision will depend on the type of activity as outlined below.
Activity RSO Required on range RSO range opening posted on calendar Member who is Long Range qualified Member who is NOT  Long Range Qualified Non-Member (Guest)  Long Range Qualified Non-Member (Guest) NOT Long Range Qualified
Open shooting Through Tubes No No Yes No No No
Open shooting from benches, barricades or Prone Yes Yes Yes No Yes, max of 3 times per year No
Mentoring Session (Board Approved Mentors Only) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, max of 3 times per year             (combined with above) Yes, max of 3 times per year
Monday Night Long Range League, PRS League Yes Yes Yes Yes, subject to mentoring availability Yes Yes, subject to mentoring availability. Max of 3 times per year (combined with above)
Special Event Yes Yes Subject to the same rules as the special event.  Example:  IBS Matches, PRS Matches, Balloon Shoot
Practice Match Yes Yes Subject to the same rules as the special event that the practice match is for.  Example: the practice match the day before an IBS Match (Participation not subject to 3 times per years limitation for Non Members)


  1. Description of Activities and their procedures

    Open shooting through the Tubes:

    1. The Long range provides 2 tubes with benches on the west end of the pavilion.
    2. When shooting through the tubes the muzzle must always be aimed through tubes .
  • Do not bring the gun to the bench until ready to aim through a tube. Only then may a gun be made ready to shoot.
  1. When finished remove bolt/make safe and remove gun from bench.
  1. Open shooting from the Benches, Barricades and Prone shooting:
    1. Unloaded guns shall be placed on the firing line by instruction from the RSO only.
    2. Guns shall be pointed at the target area only, except under instructions and supervision of the RSO.
  • Guns shall be made ready to fire by command or instruction from the RSO.
  1. Guns shall only be fired following a command to do so by the RSO.
  1. Mentoring Session
    1. Mentoring is available for shooters from Board of Director approved mentors by prior arrangement.
    2. Club approved mentoring guidelines will always be followed.
  2. League shooting
    1. Leagues will follow all regular range rules.
    2. League specific range rules will be briefed to shooter each time the league shoots.
  3. Special events
    1. See section on Special Events
  4. Practice matches
    1. Practice matches are directly connected to Special events
    2. Practice match rules follow the Special events rules
  • Practice Matches are not subject to the 3 times per year

limitation for Non Member shooters.


  1. Requirements for Becoming Long Range Qualified:

    1. Individuals can attend a CSA Long Range Qualification class and successfully pass the proficiency assessment.
    2. Individuals who have completed other formal Long-Range training classes, hold a current long range certification from the NRA, Government, Military or Law Enforcement agencies or have documented experience shooting rifle matches at similar distances can apply to the CSA Board of Directors for certification as “Qualified”. Individuals must submit a copy of the certificate of completion, course content, current certification or match results to the CSA Board for review and confirmation.
    3. Individuals may be mentored for 3 sessions and pass a Proficiency Assessment (PA) administrated by a board approved RSO Mentor. The PA requires the shooter to impact 12” steel targets at 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600 yards using a maximum of 20 rounds, on their own, without coaching. After completing the PA members are recommended by the supervising RSO to the CSA Board of Directors for submission as “Qualified”. This must be completed within one calendar year. Documentation to be submitted by the Mentor to the CSA Board should contain the dates of the events and signature of the mentor(s) along with the date of the PA and signature from the RSO recommending the qualification.
    4. All qualified individuals will be issued a qualification card. This card should be carried at all time the shooter is on the range
    5. Issuing a Certification requires payment of a certification fee that will be established by the Board of Directors.


  1. Range Opening Announcements

  2. When an RSO is going to open the range at a time other than at scheduled matches and club sponsored events, every effort will be made to communicate to the membership when the range will be open by 6:00 PM of the day prior to the opening. This will be done by posting the range open start and finish times on the club calendar.  RSO’s will send a text message to the secretary requesting a calendar addition prior to the 6PM night before cutoff.  RSO’s may also send an e-mail to the CSA Secretary 24 hours before the 6 PM the night before deadline who will then forward to the membership via email.


  1. Long Range/Action Range Gate

    1. The gates primary purpose is to communicate if the range is open for shooting.


  1. NO shooting on Long Range if gate is open, (this includes the tubes).


  1. The gate will always remain closed. The gate will be opened as follows:
    1. Maintenance is being performed, including mowing.
    2. Action Rifle Range is open.
    3. Long Range is loading/unloading vehicles at pavilion.


  1. A Range Status/Safety Sign will show the status of the Long Range and Action Range. Members opening the ranges will be responsible for the setting the status sign correctly.
    1. Long Range or Action Range may NOT be opened if the grounds maintenance crew is working or mowing in the area.

Rules Unique to Specific Events

  1. If an event requires a modification of CSA range rules, the Board of Directors may approve the event’s rules providing the event’s printed rules are presented to the Board prior to the event for approval.


  1. Generally CSA will allow a sanctioned event to utilize their standard rules in conjunction with the rules of CSA, providing the Board agrees there are no compromises on range safety. Events with CSA approved rules are attached as a reference. These approvals may change from time to time, at which time the Reference Attachment would be updated and the not this entire document.



  2. All rule violations will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. The person(s) suspected of rules violation will be required to appear before the Board at a meeting called to investigate the violation.
  1. The Board will determine the length of suspension of the membership privileges. Suspension can be permanent and has no restrictions.


  1. Emergencies:

  2. Personal Injury: Call 911 to secure aid. Stay with the injured person and administer basic first aid. Post a person, if available, at the entrance to open gate and direct emergency vehicles.
  1. Fire: Clear the area of people. Call 911. Post a person, if available, at the entrance to open gate and direct emergency vehicles.
  1. CSA locations (for 911 operator) W10924 Breyer Road.


  1. Incident Reporting

    1. Report any incident to a Board Member Immediately