Match Dates

April 25

June 20 Border Wars Match

July 18

August 15

Registration for the CSA club match will occur through PractiScore.
Registration links will be added later.
Registration for the June 20th Borders Wars Match must take place through the NRL website.

Match will consist of 90-110 rounds, and 9-10 stages.
– 0800 registration begins
– 0830 match briefing, all shooters must be present
– 0900 shooting begins
– conclude mid-late afternoon

Shooters will compete in one of two classes, Experienced or Novice.

Experienced shooters: will have 90 seconds to complete the course of fire for score.  After the first 90 seconds has elapsed, they can continue to complete the course of fire for an additional 60 seconds if they have not already done so.
Any hits after the first 90 seconds will not be counted towards their score.
The Experienced shooter will not receive help from any spotter during the first 90 seconds but may receive help during the second 60 seconds if they desire.

Novice shooters: will have 150 seconds to complete the course of fire.  Any hits during the entire 150 seconds will count towards their score.
Novice shooters can receive help from the spotter at any point during the 150 seconds.

While there will be no prize table, scores will be tracked, shared and posted to PractiScore giving shooters the ability to track their scores.

The June Border Wars Match will be run per standard rules and scoring.
The Border Wars supplied Prize Table will be given out per the Border Wars rules (1/2 the prize table to top scoring shooters, second half randomly drawn from remaining shooters).

Bolt-action rifles are the most common but semi-automatic platform rifles are welcome.
Bolt action rifles and semi-automatic rifles will be scored the same.
Rifles are restricted to 0.30 caliber and less and 3200 fps and less.

Equipment requirements are:
Rifle and ammunition capable of 1 MOA
Optic system adjustable for elevation and windage
Ballistic information for the ammunition used

C.O.F Examples:
Test Your Limits Target at 450 Yards
12”, 10”, 8”, 6” and 4” targets at 450 yards
Shot from prone position
Order of Fire
Engage each target with (1) round from large (12” gong) to small (4” gong), a hit must be made to move on
If a target is missed, the shooter must start over and re-engage the large (12” gong) target, working through all targets from large to small

350, 450, 550 and 600 Yard Relay
6” target at 350, 8” target at 450, 10” target 550 and 12” target at 600 yards
Shot from prone position
Order of Fire
Engage targets with (1) round from 350 yards out to 550 yards, a hit must be made to move to next target
Re-engage targets with (1) round from 550 back to 350 yards, a hit must be made to move to next target

Barricade at 350 and 550 Yards
10” target at 350 yards, 16” target at 550
Shot from barricade with 4 unique firing positions
Order of Fire
At start, shooter moves to any firing position on the barricade. Engage 10” target with (1) round, engage 16” target with 1 round
Shooter engages target with (1) round from 4 unique firing positions, moving to a new firing position after firing once at each target.

Contact Brian Cisar for more information or any questions regarding the Precision Rifle League

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