Long Range Gate and Signs procedure


To all long-range shooters and RSO’s:

If you haven’t been to the range lately, you haven’t seen the new gate that blocks the road to the 350-600 yard target stands.
The gate procedure is covered under section J of Rules unique to specific ranges.  The wording in that rule needs some clarification.  Hence this document.

The normal position is that the gate is chained (Not Locked) to the post on the east side of the road so that it blocks the road to the target stands.   You’ll see a sign on the gate that says “Keep Out Range in use”.  I’d like to hear from you if you get to the range and it is NOT closed.  

So, starting from that position here is the procedure:

  • Drive or walk to the pavilion and unload your gear.  If you are going to just shoot steel and have no need to go down range to paint or set up targets setup you gear and start shooting (following the rules on the red lights).
  • If you’re going to go down range to mount or paint targets, turn on the red lights.  Then unlatch the gate and swing it to the north and drive down range.  When you come back from down range close the gate behind you (so that it blocks the roads again) and go back to the pavilion, turn off the red lights and start your shooting session.
  • At any  time you come to the range and see that the range status sign has the 600 Yd. range set as closed and the AR range open and/or the “ grounds crew down range” sign showing you’ll see the gate chained to the south post blocking the road to the pavilion with a sign showing “Closed do not enter”.  That means no shooting and stay out of the pavilion.


Instructions on use of the Range Status sign

600 Yd Range sign

The 600 Yd sign shall be set to “Open” at all times unless any of the following conditions apply

  1. The AR range is open
  2. There is a grounds crew down range

If either of these situations occur the 600 Yd range sign should be set to “Closed”.

AR Range sign

  • There AR range sign will be set to “Closed” at all times unless the AR range is opened for a Tuesday night league or special event.  Then it should be set to “Open” by the event manager.

Grounds crew down range sign

  • The Grounds Crew down range sign will be covered up at all times.  It will be uncovered when there is a crew going down range to do range maintenance.


It is important to note that this new instruction on the 600 yd. portion of the sign is now the opposite of how we handled the yellow sawhorses in the past.  Back then the range was always “closed” when not in use.  Now the range is always considered open unless closed for maintenance or Action shooting.

If you have any questions please call me.  You can find my phone number on the website,

Gray Giesfeldt

Long Range Director