President: Larry Haseman 920-344-0656

Vice President: Du Wayne (Dewy) Kuenzi 920-382-3783

Treasurer: Gray Giesfeldt 608-335-5833

Secretary/Memberships: Beth Schabert 320-212-7565




Action Range: Mike Ferrell 920-296-2198


Archery: Contact Larry or Dewy (above) at this time


Clubhouse Operations: Kevin Bourne 920-623-3101


Grounds: Mike Berkevich 920-296-9921


Long Range: Gray Giesfeldt 608-335-5833


Memberships: Beth Schabert 320-212-7565


PRS/Education: Brian Cisar 920-296-2832


Short Range: Du Wayne (Dewy) Kuenzi 920-382-3783


Trap:  Ed Stehling 920-296-3260


Website/Public Relations: Jason Reese 608-588-4491

Come to a board meeting if you’re interested in becoming member

We need our members to serve and help us improve and grow