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Notice to ALL CSA members

The Annual meeting has been moved to the month of September. (Specific Day is pending at this time)

The reason behind this change is that the Board would like to make the Annual Meeting more of a meeting which includes the family, with a big potluck cookout. Also offering some fun activities. A FUN day for all. Another factor is we will not have to move snow for the meeting in September. NOTE: this does not move the fiscal year dating for CSA. Membership fees will still run from Jan 1 through Dec 31 each year. Another change pertains to the term of the officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasure). The By-Laws as they are written today require all 4 officer’s positions be on the ballot each year. The change will change the officer’s positions to 2 year term. Only two of the position would be voted on each year (President, Secretary and the following year Vice-President and Treasure). As CSA continues to grow and increase the shooting activities, this change will help maintain a balanced leadership team. Thank You for being a member of CSA

Larry Haseman, President Columbus Sportsman’s Association, Inc

If further explanation is needed, please feel free to call me or any Board Member.


Long Range Shooters, Reminder. The Saturday Long Range League Shoot for CSA members and non-members Saturday at 9:30 AM going through the winter and spring as weather permits.
[Always check the CSA calendar to verify if the league is being held] Painted steel at all yardages and paper at 600 yards weather conditions permitting.
Additional steel has been added to the range. Specifically we added a 24"x24" plate at both 350 and 600 yards. This helps greatly to get on target fast at 600 yard. The plate at 350 will be very helpful for those shooting AR15s and 223's.
And the plate at 350 will be good for hunters, those wanting to make sure their hunting rifles are ready for that 350 yard shot this fall. With the added steel, additional clay pigeons and golf balls placed at 600 yards.
Need to remind everyone to be courteous of others.
Please shoot the clay pigeons and golf balls near your target and those placed under the large steel and know-your-limits steel targets.
Any target suggestions, let us know. We want to add to your shooting enhancement. Thank you.

Also, if any of you need to renew your membership or become a CSA member please let our club membership director Beth Schabert know, she will coordinate with you.

Important: with the covid-19 cases pandemic considerations shall be followed. Social distancing will be practiced [mandatory]. No interactions closer than 6 feet allowed. The RSO will provide guidance prior to the shoot. Anyone not following the social distancing instruction will be asked to leave. No shaking hands.

Please check out our CSA website. Long Range Rules, "Section I" and range opening procedures as well as non-member participation and the mentoring program.
The competition [if you elect to participate] again for this shoot for those wanting to participate is the best score of two five shot targets at 600 yards.
This has been fun … everyone continues to improve with better scores every week.
This shoot is open to qualified and non-qualified members and non-members.
If you are non-qualified and want to shoot you need to CONTACT - Jeff Western (jlwestern444@gmail.com) prior to the shoot to verify there are enough mentors available and that you have the correct equipment to shoot the 600 yard CSA Long Range.

Ray Weitzel be the RSOs for this events.
Cost - $5.00 for Members / $20.00 for Non-Members

All members must have their membership card visible while using any of the ranges.
Any questions let us know. Jeff Western and Ray Weitzel

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.22 Pistol League

The 2021 .22 Pistol League will resume this Sunday February 21st. We will also be setting up steel after the pistol league so bring a little extra ammo.

This is a fun league, however, this year we will be following the time frames for each shoot (2:00, 20sec, 10sec) when time is up – time is up other than misfires.
If you have any questions please contact Larry Haseman

Larry Hasemen
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